KRIMEX - Czyściwo Bawełniane
Firma F.P.H.U. "Krimex"

Producent czyściwa bawełnianego. 

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Firma F.P.H.U. "Krimex"

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Czyściwo bawełniane

W naszej ofercie znajdą Państwo czyściwo bawełniane kolorowe i białe wysokiej jakości z materiałów o doskonałych właściwościach absorpcyjnych.

Firma F.P.H.U. "Krimex"


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'Krimex', a production, commercial and service company is a producer of high-quality cotton cleaning materials, suitable for use industrial plants, garages, paint shops, printing houses et cetera. Materials are selected, devoid of any scratching, hard elements, homogeneous in kind and clean. They are characterised by excellent absorptive features of oils, greases, varnishes and solvents. The cleaning materials are developed on the basis of our clients' requirements and suggestions. Their quality allows us to cooperate with most workplaces within Little Poland, but also from the Silesian and Podkarpackie Provinces.

We use our own transport means to deliver ordered materials on suitable dates.

If you want to establish cooperation, please, contact us personally, on the phone or by electronic mail.